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About Us

Pipeline AZ matches Arizona job seekers to in-demand careers by connecting the dots between industry and education.

Pipeline AZ connects people and jobs.

Pipeline AZ isn’t just another job board. It’s a career development and exploration tool designed for the Arizona community, to create more pathways to in-demand careers. Pipeline AZ uses skills mapping technology to help job seekers begin a new path, level-up in their existing careers, explore work or work-based learning opportunities, and discover new passions that change their career trajectory. Job seekers gain access to Arizona-based salary data, career pathways, and can connect with a real Pipeline AZ Career Coach to help guide them toward the right in-demand roles.

For employers, Pipeline AZ is a valuable recruiting tool that features high-quality candidate matching, free job posting, and white-glove concierge case management service to assemble candidate pools with the skills needed to build their talent pipeline.

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Pipeline AZ

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