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How it works.

Post your jobs, highlight your company and find local talent.

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Unlimited Job Posts

Post job openings that include comprehensive information about the job and reach qualified candidates who are actively seeking employment.

Recruiting Made Easy.

Your jobs are automatically matched and pushed to the candidates that fit your requirements. The platform even provides candidate management tools to make it easier for employers, of all sizes, to connect with the right candidates.

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Promote Your Company.

Create an online presence with employer marketing tools. Building a company profile with information about your organization will allow candidates to learn more about what you have to offer and tell your story to candidates you want to recruit.

Here's what customers have to say about us.

"We have selected Pipeline AZ as our workforce solution for Pima County. It connects the ecosystem and truly acts as a Switzerland to deliver value to every key stakeholder no matter the size."

Amber Smith - CEO
Tucson Metro Chamber of Commerce

"We were able to start using Pipeline AZ this past spring and immediately connected to great talent. We are excited to formally collaborate with Industry to bring this solution to market."

Doug Lambert
VP of HR - Paychex

Benefits of Joining Today.

Join today to tap into Arizona’s local talent supply. After 2 years of configuration and coordination with schools and workforce organizations, PipelineAZ is ready to meet your recruiting needs.

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Pipeline AZ works with the following schools and training organizations.

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